Department of Life Science.

Department of Life Sciences Courses are designed to help, analyze and represent biological information to understand life processes.intercourse merge molecular biology and genetics with advance computer sciencetechnology. Courses help us to understand the complex web of interactions linking the individual components of a living cell to the integrated behavior of the entire organization.

Well Qualified and Experienced Faculty Continuous evaluation scheme. Transparency of examination system. LCD teaching, seminars, conference and Guest Lectures on special technology etc. Group discussion and case studies and statistical reports. Well equipped sophisticated laboratories.

Life Sciences professionals will have career prospects in all sectors of biotechnology, microbiology, biochemist, pharmaceutical, bio medical sciences, environmental sciences, as well as agriculture and industrial applications.Salient Features.

Raisen Rd, Infront Of Apsara Complex,Old Subhash Nagar Colony, Govindpura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462023

Contact No: 0755 422 6300

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