"The God of Education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth"

Welcome to SAM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, where academics and activities never end and the students are moduled as future technocreates and bussiness leaders, The Institute works on the vision to become one of the leading center of teaching, research and extensions in the field of Management and Engineering through total commitment tomards quality education training. In the words of the greate visionary honarable APJJ ABDUL KALAM " Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge Knowledge makes you GREAT"

We are commited to nurturing juvenile minds and preparing them for challanges in todays globalized knowledge and technologies. The doors of our faculty members are always open for any student who seeks help, we persude all the students to use their time with professors and teaching staff, fruitfully, to develop their own profiency, the extra curricular activities will include effective communication through speaking and writing, indusion of communication languages like English make our students globaly adoptanle. May God bless every institutions of SAM GROUP and all those who labor untiringly to keep it moving ahead on the path of progress, May we learn from the past, live fully in present with a hope of bright FUTURE.