Sam Girls College is an institutions dedicated to quality education. We aim at ‘Global Learning’ and grooming every girl into a ‘Complete woman of tomorrow’ with empowering young generation with the power of education.

Who is confident, capable and an overall ideal personality. Capable of facing the new challenges of life, playing efficiently and effectively the changing roles in life. Who is competent to achieve her desires in this competitive world..

Our objectives:

To provide quality educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them for a constructive role in the knowledge society. To equip them in skills that are demanded by a market driven society. To provide an enabling environment for the development of their personalities to nurture confidence, spirit of equality and research attitudes. To use education as a source of continual evaluation of its stakeholders in a knowledge and welfare society.

  • Quality education at affordable cost.
  • Excellent academic environment.
  • Trained young mind to become dynamic,committed,motivated quality.
  • Professional ready to face the challenges of today,s contemporary world.
  • Contribute effectivily towords nation to built prosperty.