"We all have creative genius inside us. But as we get older, we get programmed Not to tap into the genius that lives inside us." -Elizabeth Gilbert.

We at ‘SAM’ believe in word-by-word of the above statement. First part of the statement first – ‘we all have creative genius inside us.’ I don’t think anybody will have a doubt in it. But a few only realize and identify their genius and still further lesser amongst them develop the same. If we put it, the other way. Our inherent genius is like the holy water flowing through sacred river Ganga. It’s already on its journey. If we use it to cleanse our soul, it will oblige or else it will flow down to the ocean. We at SAM, believe in using this holy water, believe in nurturing the creative genius, and believe in individual capability and collective strength. That’s why we inspire, motivate and push every individual to go inside and identify the real himself. And we also then tell them that there is no ‘I’ in Team. However, there is an ‘I’ is ‘Innovation’ and in ‘Invention’ and in Creativity. I am Proud to say that ‘SAM’ team has not only lived up to the spirit of the word TEAM but also have added new dimension to it year after year. As an elder of the team I feel I have given my dream in the safest hands.